Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Best How Do I Party Right?: Chaunte's Birthday

Saturday night. Birthday party for Chaunte at the Richardson in Brooklyn. Wooo!

Sure seems like it's been a long time since we've seen Hillary, hasn't it? Well, here she is: Hillary. With her visiting best friend Lizzie. Lizzie cooked chili that night. It was delicious.

The Richardson bathroom wallpaper and light. I don't know if the Richardson was a bar or a restaurant...no, it was definitely a bar. The bar was too crowded for it to have been a restaurant.

Here's our birthday girl. Don't worry, that's a wooden mustache. A handcarved wooden mustache.

Preparing the Ceremonial Box of Fire!

And the Ceremonial Countdown to Extinguishing:

My M8 has me in the habit of never ever using flash but that night, armed with my little Canon S90, I was like: Hey...dark bar...maybe I'll use the flash? Turns out it can be useful!

A Three Amigos Triptych, but I'm disapproving of a fourth amigo by the last pic.

My moment with the birthday girl! I misread the memo to read "we will be making crazy eyes" when in fact it said "we will NOT be making crazy eyes." My bad.

How about new blog resolution: More Steve. Would you believe this was my second party with Steve of the weekend? Yup. Friday night: Steve, Chris, Jeff and I went to the Whitney, then La Casa, and then a party of some of Steve's friends on Central Park West. Now you know the story of Friday night.

That's my boy. Casey.

Oh, that's also my boy. Chateau. With Madi. I'm lucky to have so many "my boy"s right now.

And now my moment with Di. A thinking moment. Thinking about...birthday cake?

The Richardson is located right off of Our Lady of the Snows Square. I consider that a little interesting.

Usually bar parties just are not my thing, but I had rollicking fun at this one. I think I was Utah-missing all my amigos. Party was so good there was only one way to end the night: Momofuku. They were out of the new tamales, though.

We end here with a picture of Lizzie and Hillary because I am so down with chiasmus.

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