Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Best Ongoing Research #2

Another lunch, another packet of Ramen.

Today's Subject: Sapporo Ichiban "Original Flavor" Soup (89 cents [how do you make a "cents" sign on the computer anyway?])

Hmmm, what's this: "3. Try adding an egg..." Try? TRY? Like you think I wouldn't be able to? I'll show you trying to add an egg!

I'm going to add a soft-boiled egg in you, ramen. That's what I'll do.

Boiled for approximately exactly 5 minutes 10 seconds, cooled, then peeled underwater, here sits my first soft-boiled egg. If everything went right what this will have a totally runny yolk.

I could not help it, I had to make an incision before introducing it to the soup. Looks like I may have pulled it off.

Blammo! Yep, I did it. I soft boiled an egg and I put it in my soup! Ha! Look how much I'm learning as a non-worker!

The ramen, itself: Very nice. I like the taste of original. I think I'm more likely to pick up a grip of these Sapporos than whatever it was I had yesterday. (See, I can't even remember its name this ramen was so perfectly acceptable)

Something else I want you to know. It regards breakfast.

When I was working every morning I had a carton of orange juice and a Clif Bar, but Clif Bars eventually began to compete with Balance Bare bars. I have not abandoned this routine, but local markets offer a far wider variety of Balance Bare bars than my cafeteria ever did.

I'm so down with starting my day in such a nice salty-peanut butter way.


Sparklebot said...

That's some fancy cookin'

Gwendolyn said...

Nonworker? I think I missed a blog.

Brigham said...

Oh yeah, I haven't made a post that says: "Hey dudes, my job ended right before Christmas."

Consider this unofficial notice.

Scrumpestuous D said...

Funny thing, a few days ago I discovered the awesome power of the option key on a Mac. To type the ¢ symbol, it's just option+4. You can do all kinds of things like ñ, é, è, å, ß, £, etc. Pretty cool, huh?

Dad said...

Wow, Sapporo Ichi Ban (number one)ramen, a missionary memory. I ate one every night (or so it seems) for two years. Even in Tokyo everyone knew that Sapporo Ichi Ban was the best instant ramen. When we added an egg, we cracked it into the boiling noodles and mixed it up.

Brigham said...

I knew I tasted something special in that ramen.
I just couldn't tell it was a tie to the past, to my heritage. A connection to my father as a young man.

That's it, as soon as I finish my other exotic ramens Sapporo is all I eat. Period.