Friday, February 06, 2009

Best The Birthday Party I Waited All Year For

Ever since Andy's birthday party last year (just now I'm discovering that it doesn't seem I blogged Andy's party last year. What a travesty. It was real fun.) I've been anxiously awaiting his next birthday party and when it finally came I nearly missed it because of poor bus strategy getting back up here from DC. But travel miracles occurred and I made it to the party with time to spare!

This is the scene that I burst in on:

This is how it looked from where they sat:
Almost all of these pictures are from Collin's camera, he really did a magnificently beautiful job of capturing the party and the revelers. (You can tell the ones Collin took because they have no flash and look good...also, they are the ones with mysterious names as opposed to numbers when you click on them.)

It's possible that you don't know Anna and Christian. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce Anna and Christian.

And here's the part we were all waiting for, the presenting of this year's ice cream cake.

There was a small problem. The cake had melted. That's the risk you take with frosted ice cream. It's not like it wasn't still delicious. In fact, a melted ice cream cake is even better than a normal ice cream cake because it is both delicious AND hilarious.

And here we are one last time, all the partiers. Happy Birthday, Andy! What a night we all had!

Even though his birthday was nearly two weeks ago, it's still acceptable to wish Brother Lam well in the comments section. If you have any decency.


Cindy said...

Happy Birthday Andy! I've never met you, but maybe if I ever get out to New York again, I will!

Mom B said...

Happy Birthday Andy. Thanks for looking out for Brigham. You are a good friend.

Collin Mapp said...

No comment.

Bek said...

happy birthday, andy.

brig, your beard turns me on.

Side of Jeffrey said...

Happy Birthday Andy! Looks like you spent it with friends and deliciousness. Well done!