Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Best D.I. Report: Sugarhouse Edition

Went to the Sugarhouse DI today, it wasn't as good as the downtown one, but I saw a thing or two.

First, this t-shirt blatantly endorsed alcohol use (the bar advertised on the back made it even more clear)

Next: Chicago spelled in braille, original proceeds for the sale of this shirt benefited the Chicago Lighthouse for People Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired (when I was a kid I'm pretty sure it was just the "Chicago Lighthouse for the Blind"). I can think of people who'd be less than comfortable with a t-shirt that encouraged reading its text through touch, am I right?

Bold move, Sugarhouse DI. Playing to your neighborhood but ragging on your owner?

Pennsic War (?) tees in very XL (I tried one on and drowned in it) in both red and black.

Biker Rally tee, distant relative to the Pennsic Warriors? (if the back of this tee wasn't covered in lame corporate sponsor logos like it was for a a 5K Fun Run I'd have bought it)

Also found at the Sugarhouse DI: T-shirts that were actually very cool...maybe I bought both of these? And a third, secret t-shirt?

(No, I didn't make this whole mess in the dressing room. Haven't you ever been to a DI? This isn't unusual.)

The first lines of this book read: She only stopped screaming when she died. It was then that he started to scream. My niece Rachel saw this picture and said it looked like a Halloween Book. Good call.

And here ends my Sugarhouse DI report. Let the record show I also visited the Provo DI on this trip and the only item of interest I found there was this questionable cookie jar:


Marcilyn said...

that cookie jar is "racial" (as david brent would say).

you are in utah? we should go get tacos!!

Side of Jeffrey said...

I want the Chicago brail shirt - sometimes I just need to be felt up.