Friday, January 29, 2010

Best I Shall Tell You This About Boston Right Now

I met up with Carol in Boston this week. Remember how recently I posted something with Hillary in it for the first time in ages? Right now Carol makes her return! Anyway, Boston was great, I ate an insanely good burger there (best fancy burger in ages! Click that link if you want your eyeballs to pop out), I wandered through the city a lot and got nearly lost plenty but always found my way home.

Anyway, here's what I want to talk about right now:

I believe Massachusetts to be the only state in the Union with Wagamama restaurants...Wagamama is a superchain of asian noodlebars you'll find all over England and Europe. The first time I ate at one in 2000 it was one of the most exciting experiences of my life (up to that point). I had never been to a cool and designy restaurant before. Last time I ate at a Wagamama was in 2003 when I went to London for Thanksgiving with Matt. Since then I've been eating at lots of cool and designy restaurants and, well, absence (and a certain other noodle bar) had made the heart grow snobbier. Ask me a week ago what I thought of Wagamama and I probably would have rolled my eyes...but hunger, curiosity, and convenience all came together Wednesday night and I found myself at a nice, empty Wagamama in the Prudential Center mall.

See, I'm in the Wagamama.

Carol, finger-flicking away at her iPhone. What's she flicking at here?

Oh, just creating art, that's all.

If you don't get it then you've definitely never been to a Wagamama and should probably poke around their website a bit, and if you have been to a Wagamama and you still don't get it, well, maybe this will help you figure the little joke out?

And may I supplement the joking around with this news: I liked my dinner plenty. I feel ashamed of my snobbery! My apple + orange juice was great,

My gyoza serviceable,

Our sweet potato fries good (but the spicy mayo was magnificent)

And my vegetable yaki soba? Wonderful! (but maybe mostly because of all the chili oil I stirred in? Hard to say where exactly all the flavors came from)

Will I post more about Boston? Perhaps someday. I still need to tell you one more thing about Brazil and unleash a little more Utah on you.

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Joe said...

Hey, I had a Wagamama Thanksgiving in London in 2000!