Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Best Ongoing Research

Now that I'm back to being a non-worker I've got time, once I've updated my resume and sent it around (which I did, don't worry, Mom. Dad.) to learn and grow and enjoy things I couldn't back when all I wanted to do was work all week long.

Something that I've always admired but wanted to know more about are the SERIOUS looking ramens sold at Asian grocery stores...so last night I hiked up to the local Asian grocery store (thank you, Upper West Side, for not being the absolute worst) and bought a bag full of serious looking ramens so I could learn about them and enjoy about.

Today I lunched on this one: Shirakiku Brand miso ramen. ($1.25)

Certainly one of the most polite packages of ramen I've ever cooked from, and I liked knowing I needed 15oz. of water for this. I nearly cooked it in two cups of water! Close call. Instructions got a little confusing in the second step...put the noodles in the bowl and then pour the soup over it? Really? How about I dump the whole thing in together? Delicately?

Look! I made it the same as the picture! (except no corn or sprouts) Right now I'm doing an incredible job of making use of all the scallions I have left over in the fridge from ginger scallion sauces of days gone by.

And what did I think of my fancy miso ramen? Totally good, but nothing jumped out at me to distinguish it from the Maruchan ramens I'm usually down with. But if I wanted to come across as a guy who likes a very normal package of ramen but is also a baller, I'd keep a cupboard stocked with these.

Wait. Right now it has occurred to me that maybe these noodles were much, much better than the instant noodles I'm used to...could be. I should have paid more attention. I cooked them exactly three minutes and they were very toothsome.

And was it a coincidence that I bought all these instant noodle packages on the second anniversary of the death of Momofuku Ando? Nope.


AM said...

tell me! are all these with S90?

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