Thursday, January 21, 2010

Best of What I Ate in Utah

I wanted to begin telling the true tale of my Utah vacation by showing you all the beautiful food I ate, but now that I've made the post, I don't know, lots of it looks kind of gross. Oh well, they all seemed like good ideas at the time. I regret nothing! Nothing! (except not getting a picture of Grandma's vegetable soup--that's what I ate for all the meals not accounted for here)

To get to Salt Lake I had a flight on Continental with a layover in Houston. Continental impressed me on the way down with all the food they gave me in this age of You Don't Get Any Food on the Plane.

The whole can? They gave me the whole can? What are you, the airline of millionaires?

I was pretty fond of Continental as we approached Houston, but thanks to all the time they spent doing this before we left Newark (saving my life, I suppose) we showed up super late to Houston. Super late.

I wasn't even close to being close to making my connection to Salt Lake...oh, the next flight to Utah leaves in ten, eleven hours? Sheesh. Thank goodness for free internet. Thank goodness for exciting airport dining choices.

Checkin out the menu, wait...what?

Swampthing? Oh no!

I couldn't eat a hero, I went with the lunch buffet. Look at all that broccoli!

Eventually it was finally 11 hours later and I flew off to Utah. First stop, Betos. But it wasn't Betos, it was an Albertos or Ranchitos. I don't understand what happened to all the Betos, but I understand that nothing has changed in the gross gross delicious kitchens.

I attack it so delicately.

Cindy! Mustaches aren't food!


Now let's get serious!

Red Iguana with Andrew (who made the right decision recently, see?)

A cup of pozole. I learned. It shouldn't be eaten by the cup, this is a soup that must be honored as a meal, you cannot commit only a portion of your meal to it.

Enchiladas of Yellow Mole.

Filetes in Almond mole.

On the way to Logan,

a couple of modest Concretes.

Men welcome men into their homes with a cold Stewarts. That's how it's done.


Roasting some tomatillos

Slicing some chickens

Serious lunchtime Mexican sandwich creation.

Followed by chocolate chips served as a complex boardgame.

Over at Andrew's parents' house, a pound of Brussels sprouts

What will become of these beautiful little cabbages?

Yup. I did it. Momofuku appetizer.

After dinner: I get the dessert prize


In n Out in far West valley. The gentleman ahead of us ordered a four by four, he ate it like he has one everyday.

And that night, here's the remains of a near downfall by spice cockiness.


Cancun Cafe with Grandma!

Mole tamales, why not?


Lunch: I finally try to Big Carl! It looked better on the internet.

Dinner: (after some serious rocking at Don's house) A little Del Taco.

Nom nom nom. Oh man, I love Del Taco so much.


I sample the Rooster Dumpling and Noodle Bar. I have the BBQ Pork ramen and roasted potatoes.

I suspected influences and aspirations...behold, item one on the Rooster's Current Favorites. Just as thought.

Thursday night, the spookiest Arby's.

I am sorry that I cannot recommend the Arby's Patty Melt. Perhaps I should have known.


Finally, Rubio's. Their new fancy tacos are pretty nice, the shrimp I give a huge thumbs up.


Chi-fil-A at the Fashion Place Mall. Ehh. I don't know how much love a chicken sandwich can deserve.

But dinner? The Sizzler! In Sugar House! One of my Top 3 Utah Restaurants. But this needs a little something.

Thanks, salad bar, for my fancy blue cheese steak!


I try a Smashburger, this chain is coming up, it was pretty good...egg bun, though, wasn't totally feeling that. And Oh, if those fries had only been crispy!

Monday night, however, asian ribs at Kristen and Cory's, very nice. Very, very nice. And you should see the houses in Highland! They have houses for basements!


Chili's with Grandma.

This is what they've replaced the Awesome Blossom with, Onion Straw and Jalepenos. Ehh.

And Dinner? Met Cindy and some of her friends at a place called Tomatillo's. The name and the exterior had me worried that it was white-people Mexican but, oh man, on the inside it was very Mexican Mexican.

Sopes...the carnitas on the right? So Serious. I rate the carnitas at Tomatillo's as my Independent Utah Dining Discovery of 2009!

And this chorizo and egg torta? For $3.20?! What is this place? (a place where you leave with a heavy take out box, for starters)


Goodbye, Utah. Thank you for everything, Utah. Thank you for the Banbury Cross Donut advice, Kat.

To there air in a Delta deal, I would like to return to New York directly, thank you.

They sold me this salad, though. Animals.


Mitch said...

Thank you, Briggie. I think your photos have delayed a Utah food craving for at least a few hours. Most appetizing. Ah...Sizzler.

Kimberly said...

Oh man! I LOVE Nielsen's, but the Nielsen's Frozen Custard of Mesa, AZ.

kelly ann kellyn said...

please share the recipe for those deliciousest brussel sprouts. seriously, those look phenomenal.

Chris said...

Rancheritos, followed by Red Iguana as soon after as possible. I envy your recent past and applaud your taste.

Side of Jeffrey said...

I miss you Red Iguana.

Bek said...

instead of going to bed like i said i would, i read this post. and it made me hungry. nice work.