Monday, January 04, 2010

Best Goodbye, Birdie

Wednesday night I went with a gang of people to see Bye Bye Birdie because apparently there's this girl who I don't know that's an understudy but that night she was playing the lead.

Holly was there.

Katie was there.

Jen and Sara were there.

And that Sara, too.

Jen was there, Jason was there.

I was there.
I was totally there.

Jon and Lindsay, also there.

Really the show wasn't very good, and I know I say this as a fellow who isn't usually too into any Broadway stuff. I'd say the main problems with it were the singing and dancing. Considering this was a musical...bad news. But the girl everyone knew was good at what she did. Only a little digging revealed very clearly that this show is known to be a mess. See? SEE? (those are links to a review of the show and then some gossip about the show, these articles do the trash talking for me)

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Bek said...

how come i'm the only one you've made look ugly on your blog?