Friday, April 14, 2006

Best Preview of Things to Come

So maybe I (and many others) just had a pretty fun Friday afternoon? I'll tell you all about it on Monday, but let me leave you with this little preview:

If you've been reading Steady Mobbin' for months then maybe you remember that Mitch had a Franz Ferdinand-themed costume birthday party where we made our own version of the Do You Want To video? (Here's the Orginal Report on That)

And maybe you remember how Mitch gave the band a copy of the video in Utah and they invited her and her mom back to hang out with them and it turns out they really liked the video and admired my portrayal of Bob Hardy? (Here's the Original Report on That)

And then I got to see Franz at the Madison Square Garden theater and went to the afterparty, but nothing really happened besides that? (Once More, An Original Report)

Fast forward to today, fast forward to this:

Tune in Monday for the whole story, it's pretty good.


Natalie said...

Are you really going to tease us like that? We really have to wait until Monday?

Brig said...

40+ photos of pure awesomeness don't just post themselves. But maybe I'll get carried away and have it up this weekend . . . keep checking, over and over and over.

Tannerama said...

Hey! Nice Belle and Sebastian T-shirt

Two Clazzy Ladies said...

Little Polar Bear---can you send me the link to the video we made? Do you still have it?

I heart you.


Brig said...

I just checked and the link is dead! Oh no!

Cindy said...

Is that Natalie Portman commenting on your blog?

I'm so glad I have an RSS feed so I don't have to keep checking over and over and over again. I keep checking my RSS feed though.

There's a giant poop fly in my room that is buzzing around and keeps flying near me. I'm going to kill it right now.