Thursday, September 29, 2005

Best Sign that I'm Adjusting My Priorities

Sorry I've been a little light on the posting lately. I've had other things to be taking care of . . . like being a law student.

But, for the time being, get a load of this . . .

Last night there was a Franz Ferdinand concert in Utah, right? At a radio performance before the show, Mitch gave the band a painting and a copy of the "Do You Want To" video that we all made at her birthday party (you know, the video that you can no longer download from Steady Mobbin'). The band dedicated the last song of the night to "the beautiful girls" who gave them the "Do You Want To Video" (I use quotation marks around "beautiful girls" because they were Alex's very words) and after the show they sent out their road manager to ask Mitch and her Mom (the other beautiful girl) to hang-out with the band. They (the band) told her that they had been watching the video over and over again and that it really cheered them up (I don't know why they needed cheering up.) Awesome for Mitch, right? But it turns out that I was a little involved in this awesomeness too. (Just a little) Here's what Mitch wrote me this morning:

last night when i magically was talking to alex & bob (i can't write that like it happens all the time. i recognize it was a very, very rare treat) the conversation went something like this:

alex: the fellow in the video-was he wearing a wig?
me: yeah, he was.
alex: oh! it took a while before i realized it wasn't bob.
me: yeah-me too! for a little while i thought bob had come to my birthday party!

(bob smiles.)

I hope this means the band wants to meet me when they come to New York in October.

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Lauren said...

Yeah, you should definitely wear your wig and all the other get-up. Maybe they'll recognize you if you stand near the front.

Hmm, great idea. Maybe I'll make a video for a band that I like...