Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Best Third Time Charm

So I got the new Streets album "The Hardest Way to Make an Easy Living" (it comes out on the 25th . . . but you know how it is sometimes) and this is what I think: this record is a lot like the first two Streets records (those would be "Original Pirate Material" and "A Grand Don't Come for Free", if you forgot or didn't know) in that it require many listens to get into it, but then you're well into it. What am I talking about? Well, with each of the three Streets records my liking of them has followed this pattern:

First Listen: Listening to any of the streets records I'm thinking, "Okay, what exactly have we got here?" and I hear one or two good songs, but on the whole I'm left thinking: "What did I just spend my money on?"

Second Listen: Then I listen to the record all the way through for a second time and think "This record is definitely no good. Mike Skinner can hardly rap and certainly can't sing. And what's with the songs about feelings? And what's with the constant off-rhymes?" I wonder what I'm doing with these records at all.

Third Listenn: After taking a break, I listen to the record again. I remember lines that I liked from times before, everything seems a little catchier . . . I start to think "Hey, this record isn't so bad at all."

Fourth Listen: It's a done deal now. I'm sold and sorry I ever doubted anyone. I start checking the internet for tour dates . . . oh good, he'll be stopping by at the end of July. If I'm not too owned by the bar right then I'll make sure to show up.


Lauren said...

That is exactly my process with the Streets. Huh. Maybe it's universal.

I wonder if they're coming to Atlanta.

Lauren said...

Of course he isn't.

Anonymous said...

That's a process for a crush. Replace "listen" with "see" and "record" or "Mike Skinner" for "boy/girl". Record crush, person crush, same thing.


Brig said...

Why do I keep falling in crush with Mike Skinner? Why? Why?!

Mike Lemmon said...

Here's my pattern with The Streets:

First Listen: Midway through a Baja CA road trip, Matt Lemmon puts on Original Pirate Material and, using his best cockney accent, tries to rap along with every single track.

Every Subsequent Listen: Tainted by the memory of the first listen.

Matt Lemmon said...

My personal Streets listening experience is as follows:

First time through: I find it kind of disorienting. But I'll listen all the way through anyway, because Brigham told me this was worth listening to.

Second time through: Something within my soul catches fire.

Third time through: I play the album for someone else to listen to, while I'm in the car with them. I can't help rapping along all the way through, even though I don't know most of the words yet.