Sunday, April 02, 2006

Best Attempt to Tick Off Anonymous

On March 1st Anonymous wrote: i don't think i am going to read your blog any more if there are any more of these posts.
On April 1st Matt wrote: By the way, I am SOOOOO excited to see this month's figures for visitors to the site. I've been waiting a whole month to see new charts and graphs!!

On March 13 Matt Lemmon wrote: but I'm still excited to see what your stats look like for March, considering your stats are looking crazy good for February. Also, how can I invest in Steady Mobbin', because - and here's a good hypothetical question to think about - what if those hits were not actually hits, but they were dollars, and what if the chart was not actually a "hits" chart, but rather a "stock price" chart, and what if Steady Mobbin' wasn't a blog at all, but rather a manufacturer of high-grade electronics components, and what if I owned a share of that stock since the day I first started reading your blog???? And what if I bought more than one share. Under that scenario, if I invested $2,000 in Steady Mobbin' Electronics, two years ago, what would that $2,000 be worth today?? I bet it would be worth a freaking lot!

So March was a nice month, but we all know what happens to tech stocks. Thanks for the patronage.

(And, BTW, had I not had 2 disasterously weird and computer-complicated Fridays this month, I'd have had 200 more hits. Just BTW.)


Matt Lemmon said...

Well, I did some research, and I would say that Steady Mobbin' "went public" in October 2004, at about $275 per share. I had visited the site before then, but it wasn't being publicly traded yet. The stock hit $1,000 by March 2005, then hovered there for several months, before posting some gains in Fall of 2005. If I invested $2,000 in Steady Mobbin' in Oct '04, I could have bought 7 shares ($1,925 purchase price). Those shares would now be worth $3,600 each, resulting in a $25,200 stock value. Expressed as a percentage, Steady Mobbin' stock is up 1,209.09% since Oct '04. What if I had invested privately before the IPO??!

Brig said...

Sell! Sell!