Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Best Things to Click On

Maybe last week you watched the Office and saw the funny fake "The More You Know" PSAs they had? Turns out that they've got those ads and a whole bunch more online. Here.

NPR is filling up with great concerts you can download or stream. The latest is a Yeah Yeah Yeah's concert that just happened in DC (a concert that it sounds like Smash didn't really care for) which you can download. The sound is a little weak, you've got to turn it up loud before it sounds good. NPR also has a Belle and Sebastian show from last month (also in DC) and the quality of that one is really great. There are also Arctic Monkeys and Clap Your Hands Say "Yeah" concerts up, but those are just streams.


Nat said...

Yet another reason why I love NPR. It rocks.

Smash said...

I guess I should revise my official stance on the show--it was good. Karen O is always entertaining. I just think my expectations were too high, so I set myself up for disappointment. And, the sound was bad.