Friday, April 07, 2006

Best Crazy Dash to Brooklyn

Yesterday there was an emergency and I had to run to Brooklyn . . . and when I got there, there were just so many things that seemed photographable.

It has been a while since I last saw our old pal Neckface around town.

Wait, did I miss Easter? Wasn't Easter so much earlier last year?

When the emergency was taken care of I lunched at Bonita. I've eaten at so many decent Mexican places lately that I'm beginning to wonder if it's really legitimate to complain about NYC Mexican.

Bonita tiene los baƱos mas bonitos.


So what was the emergency in Brooklyn that had to be taken care of? I had to get this t-shirt at KCDC:

This shirt combines the concert where I nearly died of being beaten up with the concert where I nearly died of having fun into one magnificent piece of graphic design. (If you need a hint, that's the cover of the Bad Brains' first record, but it says Belle and Sebastian, and that is clever. If you couldn't tell.) And maybe you're thinking, "Come on, Brigham. Don't just take a picture of the shirt on the floor, take a picture of yourself wearing it!" Well, don't worry. Since this shirt is my new favorite shirt, it'll soon be making appearances in far too many posts. Soon.

And btw, my Belle Brains shirt adventure started here, at Teenage Unicorn.


chips said...

that shirt rules!

bets said...

Oh Brooklyn. Stop playing hard to get.

I like this post.

carlos rossi said...

i will give you 100 dollars for that shirt.