Monday, April 10, 2006

Best Maybe It's Spring?

New York has been teasing us with on and off signs of spring.


Do you remember the old days, pigeon lady?


Not Pictured: Friday's snows. Rains all Saturday.

Anyway, moving on to semi-narrative:

Natalie came back to New York for a weekend. There was supposed to be a celebration at the dumpling house, but the rains drove us into larger places for noodles instead.

Let's give this picture a prize!

After two posts my new shirt already risks overexposure.


bets said...

That's so cool that Vince Vaughn came to your lunch!

Tannerama said...

Hey, nice Belle and Sebastian shirt!

JayMoo and Stephoin said...

Mike seems so indifferent to your shirt in these pictures. Maybe he hasn't read about your shirt and is thus missing the importance of it.

Oh, and my word identification today is kegnd (for posting this). For a crazy unknown reason, it makes me crave Legend of Zelda.

marshall p said...

dear Brigham, I'm back, I have pictures, I'm sorry for that mime.