Friday, April 28, 2006

Best Law School Status Update

For those keeping score, here's how things stand right now:

Introduction to Legal Philosophy: I turned in my last paper weeks ago and the class is nothing but a memory.
Art Law: 24hr take home final to be taken sometime late next week
Entertainment Law: Just have to change my contract to match the terms I negotiated in class and then it's all done.
Professional Responsibility: Finished my final a few hours ago. No sweat.
Privatization of Criminal Justice: This is the class where I'm writing the bounty hunter paper. Got my first draft back from professor. The Good News: He thinks the topic is good. The Bad News: Pretty much told me to rewrite it completely. So at least I won't be bored up until graduation.


Sara said...

Brigham, it seems like just yesterday you were writing about admirality law and I was half-wishing I was in law school. Now you're almost to graduation!

Will you miss school?

bets said...

You look SO smart in that picture!

Cindy said...

Can you share your bounty hunter paper when you're done with it?

emily said...

did you get to interview real bounty hunters? or go on the job with one for a day? if not then i'm not interested.

marshall p said...

smart is sexy.

Cache said...

remember how i totally scored an interview with the wife of Dog?