Thursday, April 27, 2006

Best Technological Innovation

My grandpa told me several times that the cell phone impressed him more than any other technological advance he had seen emerge in his lifetime. To a guy who had grown up when entire towns shared a phone line, or a single phone, (or something like that), to see teenagers standing on street corners, talking on their phones to whoever they wanted to in the world, it was just amazing.

I am only 28 (for a few more days, at least), but yesterday, via Keith's blog, I beheld the greatest technological advance of my lifetime, Pimpstar Rims.

What are Pimpstars? They're flashy rims with LED lights in them that create images as you drive. What am I talking about? Please, please, plase, for your own sake, you must click THIS LINK to see them in action.

If you didn't click that link, it must be because you hate to be amazed.

Can you believe that stuff? I can't wait for the Pimpstar 2.0's that'll probably let you play movies on your wheels as you drive. The accidents that these rims wind up causing will be absolutely amazing.


chips said...

kinda pricey . . . compared to a cell phone

JayMoo and Stephoin said...

I would consider it an honor getting in a wreck while staring at those...unless it is the hand drawn "I Think I Love You" rim. Then I hope I die in the wreck.

abnegation said...

PimpStar IS amazing. Technology has found its calling.

marshall p said...

now I know it really is time to start praying for Jesus to come back.

Cindy said...

I wonder when those will get to Albania.