Sunday, April 23, 2006

Best Metal Record Titles

Norwegian black metal* band Darkthrone has records named "A Blaze in the Northern Sky", "Transilvanian Hunger", "Goatlord", "Hate Them", "Ravishing Grimness", and "Sardonic Wrath." If they didn't also have records called "Soulside Journey" and "Total Death", I'd say they might be the band with the most consistently best album titles.

Yes, you see, I consider "Ravishing Grimness" and "Sardonic Wrath" as falling under "cool" while "Soulside Journey" and "Total Death" are uncool. That's just how I see things.

*The Footnote: I'll give some sort of award to anyone who can explain (without using wikipedia because I looked there and it didn't really help) the difference between these metal subgenres: death, speed, doom, black, dark, and heavy. I can invent completely non-authoritative distinctions between them based on name alon, but I need someone to speak with authority!! Bonus award for telling me which is the scariest.

Listen. I've been fighting a research paper and a milkshake-thick cold for the past bunch of days. If you're looking for pictures and adventures, Steady Mobbin' is not the place.


Tannerama said...

I would imagine that Doom Metal is the scariest.

But, I think that while Darkthrone fell short of the crown for best album titles, the owner of said title is a speed metal band called DragonForce with "Valley of the Damned", "Sonic Firestorm"(which is easily the best album title ever.), and "Inhuman Rampage"

Anonymous said...

i never want to drink a milkshake ever again.

JayMoo and Stephoin said...

Would you put Cannibal Corpse in Death Metal? If so, its the scariest.

emily said...

what's wrong with "total death"? i like it. i mean the title; never heard the album.

Matt Lemmon said...

I can't tell you too much about the difference between death metal and speed metal, but if you've ever checked out Ishtar's Guide to Electronic Music, it goes into great depth about the different types of trance music... hardcore trance, speed trance, death trance... I can't find the link anymore, but that is a SWEET website if it's still around.