Friday, April 21, 2006

Best Last Minute Agreement

I was preparing as best I could for Mad Max-style chaos to take over the John Adams, but the NYC doorman strike has been averted!! That was a close on! I almost had to use my arms this morning.

Also, It turns out that the Franz show I went to a week ago? Not cool and for kids, says Pitchfork, not cool and for kids, says Stereogum. I guess this means that I also am not cool, but for kids. No, in fact, I'll agree with the main points of these haters: Yes, tickets were easy to get. Yes, the crowd was young, I'm sorry that all your friends had to work and couldn't go to the show with you. My friends didn't have to work and went to the show and it was fun.

Also, This S.O.S. song by Rhianna? I might be slow, but it's fire. How could we get to 2006 before a rapper sampled "Tainted Love"?

Also, Gas is up to $4.04 for full serve in Beverly Hills? No big deal, it's $4.50 in Brooklyn.


k8 said...

I'm sorry the guys at Pitchfork and Stereogum always got picked last in gym and never kissed a girl until college. I bet they are so glad that they are really, really, really too cool now.

marshall p said...

I heart heart heart that song "S.O.S.". it is killing me.