Monday, April 03, 2006

Best Work in Progress

Monday night I went to the Upright Citizens Brigade theater with Di (yeah, that's right, I got to hang out with Diane Cannon . . . jealous?) where Demetri Martin is workshopping (that means "working the bugs out of") his new show "Dr. Earnest Parrot presents Demetri Martin" which he's about to take to Australia for three weeks of shows. Whoah.

Anyway, "Dr. Earnest Parrot" is a complex little show that's mostly about what it's like to be distracted by creative thoughts all the time and feeling a little out of touch with life and reality. Or, in other words, Demetri jokingly jokes about feelings, but you can tell that some of it is serious. Or, in other words, it's like the audience peers into his mind and soul as he tells jokes with his body (mouth). Or, in other words, knock it off, Brigham, you're not accomplishing anything with this description.

I should have just said "Hey! Demetri's new show -- Funny and Insightful!!"

After the show, Demetri mildly recognized me and we talked a little bit and then he said that Di had a "nice bag" so you could say everyone went home pretty pleased with the evening.

If you forgot about how I met Demetri last fall, here's that post.


ian said...

This has nothing to do with the post, but I thought you'd appreciate it (if you haven't already seen it):

bets said...

Did he ask about me?

Tannerama said...

If you ask who my favorite comedian is I'll say Jim Gaffigan... but in my mind I'll be thinking of how Demetri Martin is storming the castle of "Tanner's favorite comedian" land. With a bombardment of overhead projectors, easels, and pictures of kittens.

di said...

nice bag? that's funny... all i heard was "nice ass."