Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Best Close Encounter of the Directorial Kind

So I was walking to school through Soho this afternoon and before I knew what was going on a flock of paparazzi appeared before me and began taking pictures like crazy. Not normal. Then I realized I was walking right behind Steven Spielberg, so that made a little more sense. I walked behind him for a good half block, so that means next week when US Weekly has their little section that's all "Celebrities are just like us . . . they take walks in Soho" there will be a picture of Mr. Spielberg holding his wife's hand and me right behind them talking to my mom on my phone. So keep an eye out for that.

Look how this lady is totally thinking, "Oh Steven, walking through Soho again?"

Also, while walking through Soho I saw the lead singer from the Bravery standing on a corner (I know, who cares), James Iha shopping at the Adidas store, and then tonight after school I saw Jay-Z. So it was a pretty busy day.

ps sorry about that milkshake line yesterday. I thought it was a clever turn of phrase, not something that was going to gross out everyone.

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ian said...

James Iha must not have anything better to do than hang out all day and night.

He and Jesse L. Martin are the only celebrities I've run into here.