Thursday, February 23, 2006

Best Scathing Political Commentary

Maybe some of you have found yourselves in a real life situation where I try to tell you my favorite joke. When I first read this joke I started laughing so hard I had to leave the library. About two people that I've told this joke to laughed that hard, too. Most everyone else thought I was an idiot. Anyway, here's my favorite joke but updated for our modern times (Matt Lemmon thought of this retelling and made the picture below. Matt gets all the credit. Matt. Not me.):

The King Vice President and his servant Pamela Pitzer Willeford, US Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein are hunting in the woods at Katherine Armstrong's ranch one day around 5:30 pm on February 11, 2006 when they come upon a clearing. Suddenly, a man the Vice President's friend, prominent Texas attorney and major Republican party contributor Harry Whittington jumps out from behind a tree. Seeing the King Vice President with his shotgun, the man Whittington yells "Don't shoot! I'm not a deer bird!" The King Vice President raises his shotgun, aims, and fires at the man, killing him dead peppering his face, neck, and upper torso with birdshot.

Aghast, the servant Pamela Pitzer Willeford, US Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein asks, "Why did you shoot? He said he wasn't a deer bird!"

"Oh!" exclaims the King Vice President. "I thought he said he was a deer bird."


Joe Penrod said...

I used to tell this joke (King of Sweden version) all the time to the same mixed reaction. Some people would laugh until they cried and some people would just look at me like I was an idiot. Best joke ever! It is a great sense of humor litmus test.

Matt Lemmon said...

All the credit for the joke goes to Brigham. I would have never thought to pair that text with that photo, unless I had heard the "don't shoot, I'm not a deer!" joke hundreds of times during college days. Also of note, the best reaction ever to that joke was from Willie Deford, who kept laughing for three days after Brigham told it.