Monday, April 04, 2005

Best Updating of the Geek News

There are three new Episode III commericals online and they are all awesome . . . short, small, but awesome, especially the second commercial where Padme says "Anakin, you're breaking my heart." Also, CGI Yoda is looking really, really good.

One. Two. Three.

Next, as I've said before, I've pretty much not at all interested in the new Batman movie, and these new Batman Begins television spots (scroll all the way down) do nothing to change my opinion. First of all, who cares about what happened to Bruce Wayne in Tibet? Who even wants to know that Bruce Wayne went to Tibet? Second of all, when he isn't running around Tibet, how different does the Batman stuff really seem from the 90's Batman movies? Not very. Just more explodey. I'd love to be wrong about this movie, but I'm not expecting to be.

But on the contrary, I'm very optimistic about next year's Superman movie, and I really dig the new teaser poster.


ian said...

Re: Star Wars; Natalie Portman and Hayden Christensen (is that his name?) continue to be astonishingly bad actors. The words "wooden" and "unbelievable" spring to mind. It is truly sad when a Wookie's scream is more engaging than an emotional exchange between two main characters. However, Obi-Ewan (heh) does a fine job of conveying desperation, sorrow and dismay. Also, Yoda's "Fear of loss is a path to the Dark Side" line just smacks too much of a zen koan or a new-age self-help book to impress me. Sounds like a teenager's Live-Journal entry on how "deep" Buddhism is.

Also, I'm looking vaguely forward to "Batman Begins" if only because I'm a fan of the incomparable Frank Miller's "Batman: Year One" on which it is based. Shame about "Sin City" though.

Brig said...

I'm going to have to respectfully dissent. Next to nothing I have read or heard about Batman Begins seems to indicate any relation to Batman: Year One. Do they really think people--(even geeks?) want to get back into a Batman franchise with Ra's Al Ghul as the villain? And I'm definitely not liking the latest Batman costume--another suit of rubbery armor, and the cowl looks especially dumb. However, I like all the bats in the commercials. So it has that going for it.

I'm looking forward to being wrong about this movie. I went into X-Men with equally low (perhaps lower) hopes and wound up really liking it--mostly out of relief, I think.

ian said...

Nearly everything I've read has linked "Batman Begins" with "Batman: Year One." Then again, nearly everything I've read was written by geeks and I haven't read anything terribly recent.

The part I have the biggest problem with is the "new" Batmobile. It looks stupid.

As for the villain. Whatever your thoughts on Ra's Al Ghul--aren't you glad it won't be another Ahnuld/Uma debacle?