Monday, April 25, 2005

Best Signs It's Spring

While the weather turned rainy and mean on Saturday, last week was ridiculously nice in New York City and gave us all reason to hope that spring was definitely, officially here. Flowers bloomed, jackets were left at home, parks were crowded, and celebrities were popping up left and right. In the last week (adding a day or two for the sake of thoroughness) I saw (and some of these I announced earlier, but I'm announcing them again, again for the sake of thoroughness) Sidney Poitier walking down Waverly, Chris Noth walking down Lafayette, Tim Robbins skating around in SoHo, John Waters walking up 6th Avenue, Ron Perlman (Hellboy) walking down 6th Avenue, Ron Perlman (the next day) walking along 3rd Street, Judah Friedlander (for the purposes of Steady Mobbin', he's a celebrity) browsing at Kim's, and Susan Sarandon leaving her apartment on 15th Street this morning. Yes, it's spring time again.

Another sign of spring: finals are here. More or less. Or at least the crush before finals is finally here. And while I have previously disclaimed that finals were about to effectively shut down blogging operations only to post like crazy over the next week and a half, this time I really mean it. I'm expecting a major content drop-off . . . just consider last week: not so post crazy, really, when you think about it. And that was the week before the week before finals start. Now that the week before finals start is officially about to start, I'm guessing that people seeking their briggie dot blogspot fix best explore the archives, because I've got almost a year's worth of content for you to be enjoying. (That said, I've already got two significant and substantial posts that I know I'll be making this next week . . . but aside from those? Who knows.)

But that doesn't mean you shouldn't keep coming over to see if I've done anything. 'Cuz I like it when you do.

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