Friday, April 01, 2005

Best Month Ever

Check this out. March has been the biggest month so far at Steady Mobbin' with around 1050 visits made to the site. More impressively, my Mom has been on vacation and away from computers for roughly half of March, so that means these hits aren't all just her visiting over and over and over again. Yes, some blogs get 10,000 hits or more a day, but I'll take my choice band of readers over an army of fools at coffee shops anyday. Also worth some attention (and yes, I know you can read a graph): not only was March my biggest month ever, but it also beat my previous highest amount of traffic by at least 400 visitors. Now that's something.

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Equally epic, Wednesday's traffic was out of control, with 25 more hits in a day than ever before. (Before you start laughing at that chart, the 40 hits on Thursday is still rather healthy and I downloaded that image shortly after midnight, when there hadn't been any Friday visits yet.)

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Of course, I'm barely have any place to take credit for this recent upswing in attention. Whatever "success" Steady Mobbin' can be said to be achieving right now is all due to you, my dear visitors, who stop by so regularly and refer me to your friends, family, and business associates. Whatever joy you may find in reading these posts pales in comparison to how much I like seeing hits register on the site, so please, keep coming and keep telling everyone how awesome . . . or if not awesome, then how worthy of a daily glance it might be.

Also Maybe I'm blowing it by not having a clever April Fools' Day prank on my page? Anyway, the New York Times has an excellent article about my 7th and 8th Grade Applied Arts teacher and his roll, 20 years ago, with what was probably the best sports prank ever. Mr. Berton was one of my favorite teachers during the hardship that is junior high and I've always considered the Sidd Finch saga to be just brilliant . . . although I didn't realize until now that George Plimpton wrote the original article. Now that's something. Click.

And The bassist of Guitar Wolf has died? First Jimmy Smith, now Hideaki Sekiguchi, it seems I can't go to a concert without someone dying a month later. It's enough to keep me from buying tickets to anything.

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Jared said...

mark me down. One more visitor for you buddy.