Monday, April 11, 2005

Best New Album Title

According to the newest news on the internet, the new White Stripes record (due in June 6) is going to be called "Get Behind Me Satan." I see no reason for it not to be awesome. I never liked the title "Elephant" and everyone knows that album was solid gold, so how best will it be when the Stripes release something with a monster title like this one?

Read about it at NME or Triple Tremelo.

Curiously, the Stripes' first confirmed US appearance after the release of "Get Behind Me Satan" is at the Music Midtown festival in Atlanta, June 10-12. (Heads up courtesy of Get Off Your Duff) The White Stripes? Interpol? The Pixies? Bloc Party? The Killers? Louis XIV? Lou Reed? Def Leppard? $75 for 3 days? Welcome to Atlanta where the playas play indeed.

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