Friday, April 08, 2005

Best Barely Blogging

And all of a sudden . . . I don't really feel like writing about everything and taking pictures of everything. But, hey, you were thoughtful enought to type in "" today (or perhaps even click on a bookmark, a notion which flatters me to my core) so I've got to give you something, right? Here I go . . .

Question: If Emily Kunz's out-of-control successful Thursday Night Dinner Group were to pick a restaurant in Brooklyn, would anyone go?

Answer: Pretty much no. Jacob and I were the first to arrive at Sea in Williamsburg (which, if you're a loyal reader, you'll remember I visited in the fall) and Kelly showed up a few minutes later. Another few minutes later, Ryan showed up. And then we waited and wondered where everyone was. Also, we worried, because Emily, the Boss, wasn't there. Eventually we tried to redeem the group's reservation, which lead to us sitting in the lounge area for way too long . . . an hour and a bit later, we decided it wasn't our night and went to find another place to eat. We wound up at a restaurant nearby that I think was called "Thai Thai Food" and it was fine. When I got home, it was raining hard but still warm. It's crazy warm (not hot) out here in New York.

Jacob, Kelly, Ryan. Sitting. Waiting.

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Watching the door. Waiting.

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Hanging in there best he can.

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Sitting in the lounge, waiting, leads to pictures of furniture.

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Unrelated On Wednesday after class I saw Bernard Goetz in Washington Square Park. That's pretty much a Top 10 Celebrity Sighting if I've ever had one. If you don't know who Bernie Goetz is then you either totally aren't New York or you weren't a grown up in the 80's. He's pretty much the Naked Cowboy of people who have shot people on the subway. Google him yourself.

Upcoming To a select few I have already bragged about my new coffee table plucked from the refuse along 6th Avenue two nights passed. As soon as I got it I wanted to start photographing it and talking about it, but I've realized that pictures of just a coffee table are boring, so I'm holding off on the coffee table news until I've got pictures of people and my coffee table, together, perhaps eating off of it, or playing a game of some sort. Maybe just studying? Or folding laundry? We'll see.


Anonymous said...

you better watch out your table might have termites

Brig said...

they would have to be termites that can eat through bricks and mortar . . .