Friday, April 15, 2005

Best Emergency Post

This morning I did a week's worth of dishes and then ate hamburger scrambled eggs to begin the next pile of dishes for me to do in a few days.

Sorry, I haven't had a lot to post about lately.

But I did see a Ferrari 615 Scaglietti yesterday. One of the more beautiful sights of my life, it'll be a while before I'm thinking about Aston Martins again.

Oh, and for the parties involved that don't already know: I picked the salmon/pink tie and the interview went well. Fingers remain crossed, which makes writing this post awfully difficult.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Briggie,

I just recently became a fan of a 1960 ferrari showcased in the Automobile magazine then again, I like this purple pontiac barracuda I see parked on 10th street sometimes...I wonder what year it was..probably from 60s or 70s.