Thursday, April 21, 2005

Best Jam You'll Be Hearing All Summer Long

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(I liked her better when she was bigger)

Missy Elliott has a good track record of putting out a monster single every year (and this is just her solo stuff without going back to the 90's.)

2001: Get Your Freak On
2002: Work It
2003: Pass That Dutch
2004: I'm Really Hot
2005: On and On

Maybe you read the Pitchfork review that gave her new track four and a half stars? Maybe you were wondering where you could get a copy of it from? How about from me, is that okay? Click that link above, but the file won't last forever.

I think it's a bit less dynamic then many of her other songs, but I still liked the song after about three seconds. Her rapping is really up front and direct on it.

PS If you don't have Blue Orchid, the new White Stripes song, I've posted it here. But for crying out loud, why didn't you already have it?

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