Friday, April 29, 2005

Best Late-Night Interview I've Ever Seen

Dave Letterman is interviewing Paris Hilton right now and the man is absolutely killing it. He's all up in her business and not giving her an inch and it's hilarious. She's clearly trying to let it roll off her back like it's nothing but she isn't as unflappable as she wishes she were. They'll be talking about this tomorrow on the internerd. I haven't liked TV so much since "My Super Sweet 16."

Updated! A portion of the interview can be found here. Just imagine Dave going on with the same bit for another two commercial breaks worth of material and it'll be like you watched it yourself last night.

Also Check this out. A new Michael Showalter movie. What does it mean? It means people are going to be laughing and that I should have paid more attention to the Tribeca Film Festival.

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