Thursday, March 31, 2005

Best This is Also What I Used to Do

Also, before taking photos of everything and everyone, Steady Mobbin' used to be full of stories of NY Celebrity encounters and goings on. And guess what? I've got a mildly decent bit of reportage to do this afternoon. Right by my place they're filming a movie called "Just My Luck." I found this out because my neighborhood is covered with signs like this one:

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And do you know who is starring in Just My Luck? Lindsay Lohan. And here I present to you my world exclusive photographs of Lindsay Lohan in action . . . and by "in action" I mean sitting or standing, waiting to film her scene. I'm posting these as thumbnails so you can see her as big as possible. (After the page opens click on the image a second time to see it as big as possible.)

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They were filming a scene where Lindsay sits down on a bench, a "cool" guy walks over to her, they talk (he squats, she sits), then they walk out of the park. Over and over again. I was standing by a Suburban that sat waiting to wisk Ms. Lohan off while I was taking these pictures. Had I all the time in the universe, I probably could have stuck around and gotten right up in her grill and gotten some good pictures of her . . . or maybe her bodyguard. But, for the record, we totally made eye contact. Also, I don't know how Lindsay's acting will be in this movie, but she was doing an excellent job of acting really cold when they took her parka off to film the scene and acting really, really cold after each scene as a handler ran over with her parka. It's like 50 degrees outside. Come on.

Completely unrelated, but I saw some New Balances in the Franz Ferdinand colors today. Click. You'll know which ones they are.

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Anonymous said...

Ah yes the life of a "teenage" pop star who knew that someone with little talent could be the apple of so many peoples eyes. I dare say that we need a band to kick the door down of misguided followers of pop music. Brig congrats on the LL spotting, but I would like to hear more about your thoughts on the bands of jolly old England, or Scotland. Are there any new bands of Gemanic decent that do not fall victim to the melodic sounds of techno? I wish you much peace and joy during this conference weekend. Because as you said to me as we were taking a walk in Northern England "Matt you can't be sarcastic because you just sound mean (Barnes 2001). Thank you for those words I try to incorporate them into my little world each day-Laterz from a Giant Homo Sapien