Saturday, September 25, 2004

Best Relieving of Blog Backlog

I just got home from a camping trip, but before I can post my very-much in demand photos from that trip, I have to put up these pictures from when I went to Williamsburg two weekends ago with Mike, Karisa, and Sarah Jane to eat at Sea. Why'd we go there to eat at Sea? Because Sea is the restaurant where Andrew Largeman works in Garden State. And I had to prove I was right when I shouted "That's Sea!" during the movie.

As you will sea, ahem, see below, Sea is another "Look at us, we're such a cool place!" Thai restaurant owned by the people that own Spice and Peep. Like Spice and Peep, the food is cheap and rather good (I fear some people will roll their eyes when they read that) and the restaurant is a lively and stylish space. Since Sea is in Brooklyn, it can be a lot bigger than the other Spice restaurants and features a futuristic bar, a DJ booth, a Buddha pool/fountain, different dining areas, and wild bathrooms. Also, as I mentioned earlier, there is food.

So, the above left picture, that's the Buddha pool at the center of the restaurant, there in the middle, that's Mike and I--(look closely, I've got your nose), and then me eating a scallop. I arrived at the restaurant with a hunger for scallops and found that the "Brooklyn Basil" (now I roll my eyes) featured all the seafood I could ask for.

After dinner we got a little Tasti D Lite, you know, Tasti D Lite: New York's popular kosher low-fat, low-cal, low-whatever "frozen-dessert". On the left you'll see a really great group shot, then you've got a photo of Mike looking crazy handsome, and then a picture of Karisa expressing the fact that 1) She is sad that she isn't eating ice cream and 2) She is too full to eat ice cream.

And here, completely unrelated, is a photo of Sariah and me riding the Roosevelt Island Tram over to Roosevelt Island to go to this barbecue thing. I had never been on the tram before and couldn't shut up about how much fun I was having. Embarrassing, but not as embarrassing as having your picture on the internet.

Also This past week I grabbed my Star Wars DVDs the day they came out (you were expecting I wait until Wednesday for them?), I've been trying to squeeze in as much Star Wars-ing as my studies allow since them. I'm watching the Empire Strikes Back at this very moment, relishing the commentary track. Say what you will about the new effects and whatnot (not even I can aprove of Greedo shooting first), but the new footage of the Wampa in the ice cave is a great addition. Oh, I also got the Mean Girls DVD. I've got to get around to watching that.

During lunch on Thursday I saw Judah Friedlander walking down Bleecker, wearing his "World's Greatest" hat. In case you're wondering who Judah is and don't want to click that link, he was the guy giving out all the hugs in that one Dave Matthews Band video, he played Toby in "American Splendor", and he is on "Best Week Ever" all the time.

And now I begin the complexity of my camping trip post. Prepare yourselves for excessive linkage.

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