Monday, May 14, 2012

Best the 87th Street Block Party Returns

Saturday was a beautiful day full of great things to take pictures of.  One such great thing was the church's annual Community Block Party on 87th street.  It was a great chance to run into a lot of familiar faces I don't see so often.  Also, there were lots of games and things for sale and food and stuff, but I barely took any pictures of any of that.  (BTW, Here's last year's post about last year's block party)


Judy and Candice.

Me!  Wearing the same shirt as the year before?  Possibly.

Pres Belnap and friendly Community Board Member that I met.

Courtnie and Karli.

Former neighbor Rob, running the button stand.

Satisfied Button Stand customer.

Pres. Cropper shooting the Sasquatch.  What am I talking about?

I don't know how I could be more clear about the fact he was shooting the Sasquatch.

Jess, in town for Suvi's wedding.



Shakedown at the Majestic, fresh back from Liahonaroo

Alpha, trying so hard all day to get this monitor sold.

Bargain hunter hunting.

The Barkers.

Here's a good game: Reward a toddler for throwing things.



Ty, manning the burger stand.

Liesel, the brains behind the burger stand every year, and Brent, a major organizer of the operation.

Carlee and Jesse.


Hardworking popcorn pitchman pitching popcorn up til the last minute of the party.


Have you heard that I tutor?  The kid that I tutor, this is his brother.  I didn't see my kid anywhere.

And that was the block party.  I also need to show you a parade from the weekend and one or two rooftop parties.

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