Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Best Sunny Saturday Morning

Remember how we were talking about what a nice day Saturday was?  Let me tell you about things I saw before the Block Party.

For starters, I ran into this parade in my neighborhood.  A parade celebrating the 20th annual World Falun Dafa Day.  What is Falun Dafa Day that?  Not exactly sure.  They handed me some literature.  I haven't gotten around to reading it.  But it is on very nice paper.

Stuntin' like his daddy.

When I saw that there was a Mexican contingent to this Chinese-seeming celebration I was intrigued.  All bets are off when there's a Latin American contingent to your Asian parade.  I really should be googling Falun Dafa.

The parade was giant, with staging areas spreading through Nolita.  This isn't the parade.  None of these next photos are.  These are people patiently waiting to be in the parade.  And exercising while they wait.

Calm Water Lilly Prince waits his turn.

Calm Water Lilly Princess is even calmer.

This I like.  People making new friends, sharing opinions, gaining knowledge.

One lady had the job of watching everyones' bags while they were in the parade.  Well, probably not everyones bags.  But a good number of them.

Double knot it now or you might regret it.

Passing Houston, I ran into the Meat Without Feet truck again.

Saw the skywriting that half of Manhattan instagram'd that afternoon.

Making good time.  Everything going as to schedule.

All Manhattan brunched around me.

Or enjoyed cured meat subs.

I, however, met Upper West Side friend Ben for lunch at Hot Kitchen in the East Village, a newish Sichuan place that we'd both noticed was getting some decent internet word of mouth.

We had the sweet potato noodles,

A vegetable that the waiter insisted we absolutely had to try . . . oookkayyy.

And the Mei Shan Beef.  The verdict: Everything was good, but bad for my stomach, the vegetables were a little earthy, things were spicy, but I'm certain the chefs held back.  Next time I go, I'll be clear that I want the full power of the Hot Kitchen unleashed upon me.  I mean, if I didn't think I could stand the heat, I wouldn't have been in the Hot Kitchen, right?

Post-lunch: Downtown streetfair happening.

Now there's a parade/march I'd love to watch.

Fellow OPRF Huskie Hannah (and down the block hometown neighbor) was at her store that afternoon, the jewelry business looked like it was booming. 

Watch Repair While You Wait at the subway barbershop?  A little slower.

But Saturday is more like a day you want to be showing off your watch, not hanging around underground to get it tuned up.

And that's stuff I saw and stuff I did Saturday morning.  Will my next post be about Saturday evening? Quite possibly.

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