Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Best Here's How Saturday Ended (Bonus: I Also Tell You About Sunday)

Okay.  Saturday.  After the Block Party?  I got a hair cut.  And I took a rested my feet.  And then I changed my shirt and walked out into my neighborhood.

And past this.

And past him.

To this building.

And I went up to the roof.  And saw so many friends.  Like Claire and Evan.

And this guy.

And Alisa and Andrea 

I think we were supposed to be partying for no reason, but a birthday celebration broke out.

Andrea took this picture of Evan and Molly and it's just about the best picture I've ever seen.

Karli and Stephanie.

Jesse and Me.


It got later, it got darker. 

I walked home.

Then Sunday evening Carol hosted a gathering on her roof.

I was kind of pictured-out at that point, but there are a few important things I need to tell you:

#1: Casey is in town for a visit.  At last.

#2: Steve brought six macarons from Bouchon Bakery.

#3. These sandals matched those toenails.

#4.  And do not forget, Sunday was Mothers Day.

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Lisa H said...

Brigham, I love your storytelling skills :)