Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Best There's a Lot We Haven't Talked About

Here are pictures of a bunch of things from the last month or more.  For the most part they aren't in too strict of a chronological order.

Sometimes very elegant people visit my neighborhood at night.

Have you seen any of the hip, guerilla marketing around town for that new little $220 million action movie?

Incredible coordination by strangers on the subway.

Mop man.

It took me forever to finally try the Dorito Taco at Taco Bell.  It was as wonderful as I had imagined.  There's far too few New York Taco Bells and they're all far too far away.  Probably for the best.

There was an exciting week where they gave us new streets at night in my neighborhood.  The smell of asphalt: Not easy to fall asleep to.  The hustle and bustle of middle of the night road work: Pretty good white noise.

I never told you that I saw Damsels in Distress at a special advance screening (1 day in advance, that is.  But still).  I mostly liked it, it was a lot loopier than I had expected.  I need to watch it again some time, I'm still sorting it out.

I've been getting pranked a lot at work.  Here are the top two pranks so far:

Things I see walking to work:

I may live alongside Chinatown but doesn't this look like Japan?  No?  Not a little?  What do you know?  Have you even been there?

Some kind of kindergarten art project in the Trinity church cemetery?

LA Lauren was in town.  One night we went to BaoHaus with Neighbor Di and Roommate Derrin.

I am beginning to learn which baos are my favorite.  The Bird Haus (fried chicken) and Haus Bao (beef cheeks)?

The wall of bao are makes me feel culturally literate.

As does the wall of Chinese heroes.

Also we went to Roberta's.  For lunch.  Wait was still nearly half an hour?  

Had sable salad,

The Millenium Falco pizza,

And their quite serious cheeseburger,

Billy's Antiques and Props has closed down.  A casket is all that remains.

NY was very blossomy this year.

This is the pool where I got my pants stolen in 2007.

Night time High Line, the billboards have a lot of feelings.

Am I heir to a potato chip fortune?  Need to do some family history research.

Mysterious outer-Meatpacking partying observed on a Saturday night.


I observe a hairy Spiderman on my way to Andy's house.

This falafel sent me to the emergency room.  Not kidding.

At this point I am exactly half way through the pictures I want to show you and you know what I think?  I think we should take a break for a day.  These were plenty of pictures and captions.  Take some time to let them sink in, I'll write some more captions tomorrow and we'll finish strong together.

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Sharon Beesley said...

great post. i practically read each caption out loud and showed every picture to rob. looking forward to next round.