Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Best Birthday!

Monday was my birthday.  I had a real nice birthday.  At work I was gifted some very nice salt, a pickle, and they had a cake for me.  And when I got home I had a party.  It was a Corn Dog and Grape Soda on the Roof Party.  Because that seemed like a very good kind of party to have to me.

Corn dogs ready to cook.

Corn dogs cooked and plated!

Meanwhile, a cake was frosted by expert hands.

First guest of the night (not counting Jeff, as he was kind of on the party planning committee): Molly!

Up to the roof we went!

Special surprise guest of the night?  Dakota the Puppy.

Here are some humans:



Broek, before and after puppy kisses.

Dakota's master, Chaunte.


This is me talking with my sister Emily.

This is me and Patricia.

Friend and former coworker, Viviana.


To the right?  Brenda.

It got dark, it got cold.  We went down to my bright, warm apartment.



Cake time!

Puppy thoughts.

There, in the middle.  Do you see my roommate Derrin?

You might wonder why there are so many pictures of me in this post about me.  The answer is:

Here I show off my cat card from my brother Owen and my cat book from Collin while wearing my kitten sweatshirt from Me.

It's a real good book.

These are all my birthday cards this year.  The ninja one is from my Grandma Taylor!

Back to perritos!

Viviana y yo.

Carol and me.  Carol made a post about my party too, check it out!

Alpha!  And one of those grape sodas I was telling you about.

It was a great party, the perfect combination of chill and lively to meet my particular birthday needs this year.  Other b'day highlights included: Two calls from my parents vacationing abroads, calls from both of my Grandmas, all of my siblings, Andrew and Andy both calling to sing me Happy Birthday, lots of texts and wall posts, and staying up until 3 celebrating via phone and/or internet technologies with friends in the Mountain and Pacific time zones.  Thanks to all!  It was the best.  You are the best.


Side of Jeffrey said...

Happy birthday you.

Anonymous said...

So handsome in the glow of the birthday candles, Briggie.