Thursday, June 02, 2011

Best Pictures of Friends, Pictures of Activities

A few weeks ago a block party was thrown in the shadow of the 87th Street Chapel.

There were clothes for sale, burgers for sale, books for sale and face painting and music playing and nail polishing and everything.  They say thousands attended.  I say okay.

I was there.

So was Andrea.

And Chateau.

Anita and Vanessa.


Austin and Chris.

And Austin and a visitor from the District.

This last Sunday there was a mighty gathering in Sheep's Meadow.  First of the season, first of many.

I was there, but didn't have anyone take my picture.

Jeff was there.

And Rachel.

Austin again.

Jess with two bulldogs (not shown).

Mystery individual . . .

Jamie and Madison and a third party.

Mystery individual revealed!  It was Broek.

So much meadow, hardly any sheep.


Tannerama said...

Is it weird that I knew who the mystery person was before the reveal?

. : m o n i c a : . said...

im the mystery person behind the mystery person.

Brigham said...

Any good brother should know the back of his sister's head, I know I try to be able to.

Monica, you have solved the secret bonus mystery. I should have gotten a proper picture of you so I could tell the whole internet that you were the brains behind the gathering.

Name here. said...

man this almost hurts to look at. such beautiful people. how can i ever measure up?