Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Best Let's Finish Talking About Everything We Haven't Talked About

In the middle of April Neighbor Di had a birthday, her birthday, which we celebrated at the Holman home.

I was dumfounded by their collection of Pinewood Derby cars.  That Wii car?  The buttons move.  The Taxi?  Its sign lights up!

Swift cheese!


Momofuku Report: Snap peas are back at the noodle bar.

There was also this beef tendon salad that I really didn't understand.  It is a weird thing to say you don't understand a salad, but this one nearly broke my brain.  Was I supposed to wrap the little tendon pieces up in the big leaves?  Well, I did.

Spotted at lunch time in Battery Park City: Human-walking service about to collide with dog-walking service.

A few Saturdays ago I went and saw a screening of Icon Eye, a documentary about Sun Araw going to Jamaica to record an album with (reggae legends) the Congos.  It was trippy.  That was the idea.

Did you read in the news how a few weeks ago they thought they might have found a clue in Soho to this child abduction case from the 70s?  It's kind of a real heavy story.  Anyway, they blocked off a block of Prince street for about a week to dig up a basement.  Last I heard they didn't find what they were looking for.

Moving on . . .

Swag otter backpack.

The sort of doormat I've always wanted.

Too rich to get embarrassed, I guess.

I've seen a few of these cops around.

But only one of these . . . bears?

Humble leftover cornbread dinner.

Post-Hives show?  More Bao Haus.  With Chaunte.

Beautiful flowers in the Ace Hotel Men's room.

A near-empty Ziegfeld at the end of the Song Remains the Same.

If you think all I do is eat and walk around taking pictures and sometimes cook and sometimes hang with friends, you should know some Saturdays I also de-ice the freezer.

Birthday package from Valencia.  The side with the addresses looked about this good, too.  The contents?

One Saturday I was on my way to a matinee at the Film Forum but got distracted by the crowd of people outside the Trump Soho waiting for the cast of the Avengers to arrive.  I saw Loki.  Seems I barely missed the Ruffalo Hulk.

Certain luxurious ice cream bars seem to have finally crossed the ocean from Europe.  Only took them (by my reckoning) twelve years.

Just downtown stuff.

After watching the Avengers we discovered a real nice hotel lobby in Battery Park City.  Great place for a nice sit, we decided.  Even better: they throw out loitering teens!

Last Saturday's lunch: Go Go Curry has come to the Village.  On 5/5 all curries were $5.  Lucky me.

And now get this!  Uncle Frank was in town last weekend with his whole family.  I hadn't seen any of them in 6 years!  Little Mary I had never even met in my entire life.

Me and Frank.

And now we're all caught up!  Isn't that great news, Reader?  Now we can get on with our internet lives

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