Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Best Non-violent Rescue Mission

Saw Moonrise Kingdom Friday night, was caught completely off guard by how awfully good it was.  Best Wes Anderson movie yet?  For the time being I think so.  What I really liked was how original it was, while true to Wes's style, it didn't seem like a rehash or retreading.  I think Fantastic Mr. Fox deserves some credit for this.

That said, several scenes (shots, really) reminded me instantly of shots from earlier Anderson films:

There were a couple more.  One was rather spoilery.  And only so many scenes were available to grab from the Moonrise trailer.


Side of Jeffrey said...

I want to see. Between this and Cabin in the Woods, I feel like I haven't done myself the duty of seeing at least a few decent films this year.

Brigham said...

But you did get a new baby, that's pretty cool.

I see on the internet that the only theater in the Chicagoland area playing Moonrise Kingdom is in Evanston. This means something.