Thursday, May 03, 2012

Other Best Birthday

As sure as the phases of the moon, three days after my birthday, Jeff's birthday arrives once more.  We celebrated at his Brooklyn home with 5lbs of Super Wings.

And once again Dakota the Dog stole the show and took the night.

Do not you wish your roommate played you Happy Birthday on his accordion at candle-blowing time?

Candle-blowing time! (With Dakota's permission, of course)

When people could drag themselves away from the dog, Chuck Butlers were doing brisk business last night.  Do you have your two pairs yet?  Come on!

Eventually it got late and everyone got sleepy but not everyone had the option of curling up on the spot.  So we went home.
Happy Birthday to You, Jeff.  And good to see you again, Dakota.


Chaunté Vaughn said...

haha, that last shot of me.....oye, wide angle lens + bad posture.... you gotta warn me next time!

Side of Jeffrey said...

Happy birthday Jeffrey. You are a good man and worthy of celeb status.