Monday, May 07, 2012

Best Things I Thought About the Avengers While Falling Asleep Last Night

  • At first I was going to call it Iron Man 3 but now I think I should call it Independence Day 2
  • Especially when Iron Man (Spoiler) (Spoiler) (Spoiler) just like Randy Quaid AND Will Smith & Jeff Goldblum, put together.
  • It's funny that I wrote (Spoiler) (Spoiler) (Spoiler) since box office receipts indicated everyone in the world has already seen this movie twice 
  • I think the alien Mouth of Sauron guy kind of gipped Loki on his space army
  • And what was the evil space army's plan?  To just attack office workers and smash into building a lot?
  • I mean . . . were they trying to take over the earth?  Or just kind of scare midtown?
  • I think the Decepticons definitely wrecked Chicago a lot more in Dark of the Moon than the alien army did in Avengers.
  • Hulk could have at least torn Loki in half (or eaten him, ala Ultimates) like Optimus got Megatron
  • And also, I understand that you're "always angry", but what is your trick to controlling the Hulk, Dr. Banner?
  • I bet later on we find out that Ant Man and Wasp were present for the entire film and, off camera, worked together to bring down one alien soldier.
  • Remember when Black Widow escaped from the chair?  Remember when Drew Barrymore did that in Charlie's Angels?
  • So . . . would Thor die if he fell that whole way?  


Side of Jeffrey said...

Somebody must have seen it three times to counteract that I have seen it 0 times.

Cindy said...

There is only one God and He doesn't look like that.