Thursday, May 31, 2012

Best Sunday Afternoon Reunion

Sunday I got the sort of text that makes you jump up and run over to the Met.  A text from my old roommate Nate saying he was in town for the afternoon and would be at the Met.  I beat him there and took advantage of the opportunity to take pictures of strangers.

I developed these all as high contrast black and white because, I don't know, I just felt like it.

Sitting by the fountain I just put my camera on my knee, pre-focused, and snapped at people walking by. 

I'm more interested in your laughing buddies than I am with you, Mr. Sunglasses.

Here's the deal: If I'm going to be in your background, you're going to be in mine.

This is my last from the knee shot.

And then Bam! Before I knew it there was Nate and he had Janelle with him.  We dashed into the museum and saw what we could see.

A big draw this Summer: the Prada exhibit.  The guards in there must get so tired to telling people not to take any pictures.

Here's a couple of the heroes from Battleship (in a day or two I'll tell you how much I loved that movie) in town for Fleet Week.  Thanks for saving the earth, you guys.

I took my homies to see my favorite statue.

See! It became their favorite, too.

It's called Ugolino and His Sons and it's about the worst Fathers and Sons campout ever.

Look!  It's stone but the thumbs are going into it like flesh.  Man.

And then, before I knew it, they had a plane to catch.  Hard to believe it'd been a year since Nate left.  I can report that he's still keepin it totally real and is the most fresh dude there is.

If you want to see something interesting at the Met right now that we didn't even know about on Sunday, check out this post by Carol.

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Kristen said...

I really like how high contrast black and white turned out and I also really like the picture of Nate and Janelle with Janelle in focus looking at the statue.