Friday, October 30, 2009

Best Never Out of the Fight

Today was an awfully good day--worked hard, found some interesting documents, went to the Momofuku cookbook release party, got my cookbook, and came home to the first episode of season four of Friday Night Lights--but I'm going to bed a little blue. Because that's how this premiere left me, proud of but sad for Coach Taylor. Now that he's coaching the underfunded and clueless East Dillon Lions the show is in some serious Bad News Bears territory. I will fall asleep tonight wondering where this show's going to go this season, last season ended with me thinking "Wow, we're headed for some absolutely Shakespearean territory here..." and now we're in it, we're beginning it. I think this season will have us yelling at our TVs more than any other season, cursing the decisions made by some and cheering for the actions of others. This week's heroes? The new kid, Landry, Sears guy and absolutely, positively, more than ever before Tammy Taylor, who this week plays the role of a benevolent Lady MacBeth.

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M said...

where can i view it? please tell me! PLEASE!