Monday, October 19, 2009

Best World Exclusive

Like I said last week, this week is a week of music, literature, film and other culture at Steady Mobbin'. We're kicking it off with the World Exclusive release of National Geographic*'s newest mixtape--The Danger Mix. Just click the link below and it's yours:

"Danger Mix" National Geographic

Said NG of this menacing mix: "Danger Mix is a bit unrelenting. Maybe a little mean even. I had all these tracks I really liked, but might not have seemed instantly "party-time" or "I know how to dance to this." Faster tempos or odd beats. (Brand New Funk is of course an exception to this - that song is so good.) I thought I'd try a bunch of 'em in a row. No respite. Just keep them coming."

Said I of the mix: "I agree with how you've described your mixtape. It is also the quickest 42 minutes I've ever encountered. So good work and I appreciate being grabbed by the collar and roughed up a bit."

Further info/resources related to National Geographic work can be found here (his MyScape has links to a couple more excellent mixes that I've given many a visit on my ipod):


*a.k.a. Keith Paugh, the same Keith Paugh with the clothing company.

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