Friday, October 16, 2009

Return of the Eating VI: I'm Thankful for Columbus Day Momofuku

There were some texts, there was some schedule consulting and soul searching, and there was a decision: I ran out of the office Monday to grab some Momufuku with some dear ladies fixing to try it out.

So yes, that would be three Momofuku meals in a week. Just like I used to do.

(One thing: Did you know they've named the Midtown Momofuku? It's going to be called "Ma Peche" which I think means "My fish.")

Some of these pictures look so much better if you click them.

We had: three orders of pork buns, two rib sandwiches, the market greens, the beef tendon, a plate of pickles, spicy rice cakes, the pho, and pork shoulder.

Beautiful hands, smaller than raindrops, ravaged the spread faster than a camera could be drawn.
That's Bryndee. You knew that, right? And that's Holly.

Doesn't it look like Helen was going to interview me? I bet I could ace any interview if it was at the Ssam Bar. Especially if they asked me how the pig's head is prepared or what they served for lunch a year and a half ago.

Karen and Andria. Champs.

And look, here's two more pictures for the "Wait, is the camera focused? Yes, Brigham, I can focus a camera" file.

That's Melissa, by the way.

Karen is Canadian. Hold on. She's also an Arizonan, but she used to be a New Yorker. And do you know what I learned? Columbus Day is also Canadian Thanksgiving! Which makes sense, what would Canadians be more thankful for than Columbus discovering the United States of America, right? Right? Or is Canadian Thanksgiving when you're supposed to be thankful for a Canadian? Well, okay then. I'm thankful for Ryan Reynolds. How's that?

Final course: two slices of the new peanut butter and jelly pie. The pie is actually the jelly, grape filling on a Ritz cracker crust, the peanut butter is there on the plate.

I can't explain it exactly, but lunch was like a real triumph. I sort of left feeling like the coach from A League of Their Own. Does that make sense?

Here ends my Return of the Eating series. Next week I'll be focusing on Music and Literature and Maybe Film. It's going to be great. You won't see a single plate of food.

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