Monday, October 12, 2009

Return of the Eating III: Revenge of the Ssam

I've got visitors, Mom and Dad. They are my visitors.

They met me at work Saturday afternoon and we grabbed some street meat from my favorite cart.

And I forced them to engage in an obligatory tourist photo tradition.

That evening I met up with them at Momofuku.

Along with my cousin Mike and his wife Jen (not yet picture, but you remember them from Valentine's, right?)

and my Uncle Greg & Aunt Diane

Once again: This is my Dad.

This is my Mom.
We had some pork buns,

Some bread and butter,

S0me pickles,

The soft boiled egg and beans,

Uhm, a dozen oysters...

Some lettuce and sauces (can you guess where this is headed?)

And the Bo Ssam. Word.

A squad of 7 doesn't wreck a pig butt quite like an army of 10.

For our first dessert, the mind-boggling beet & lime ganace with goat's milk frozen yogurt and pistachios. Trust me, this is GOOD.

The reckoning...

And dessert 2: banana cake, rice pudding pie, the horchata softserve with banana caramel and samples of the cereal milk, watermelon, and salty cucumber softserves.

We headed for the streets of the East Village for a bit of a walk and some brother time.

Mobbed a bakery

Ran into a tough customer at the Bowery Hotel

Bond Street
The grown ups talked about stuff, stuff like remodeling bathrooms and such.

What a fine night of dining, what a pleasant appetizer for Sunday's dinner...come back for that tomorrow.

Additional Reading: My first Bo Ssam.

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