Monday, November 02, 2009

Best Four Times Were Enough

New York, Halloween. Here we go again! (here's last years parade, it was a good one. And here's the 2006 parade, my first. Oh! And here's the 2007 parade. That's all of them. I've done 4 now.)

This year I was Mickey Mouse, ending my streak of unrecognizable costumes. This one started as enthusiastic joking at Duane's birthday party and wound up being for real Saturday night.

Collin (who was visiting for the weekend from Bowling Green) was Richie Tenenbaum and Jeff was Abraham Lincoln. He grew out the beard himself.

We headed over to the parade where we bumped into/met up with Amber and Ashley

And Chris (as Bob Ross!)

and Di
and Brian
and Jeff and Pete and also Mattias but I didn't get his picture

A Minnie! So many Minnies were out that night with barely another Mickey in sight.

"Hey Minnies!"
Lion-O. The problem with Saturday night was that it was rainy. Real rainy. Horribly rainy. The parade was total chaos. It became a thing to survive or escape from.

Barely left me in the spirit to admire costumes, just made our way as fast as possible for 21st street.


Hannah Solo. Wouldn't turn around.

Parade accomplished. Time to head to the regional dance.

Regional dance. Cher was there (as Cruella). The dance seemed a little off this year.

Off, but not broken.

If it's October 31st and Garrett isn't dressed as Napoleon Dynamite is it really Halloween?

Split the dance and headed downtown to a major gathering on 27th street. Faces were more friendly and familiar down there.

Kunz sister convention.

Orbit gum lady, brilliant.

(it was a 7 Deadly Sins party, Liz was there to elevate the situation)

Finally, after running uptown after work to grab my ears which I forgot to bring to work, running back downtown for the parade, uptown for the dance, downtown for the party, finally I was on a train uptown for to bed.

These old ladies outlasted me. I'm a lightweight.


Don said...

I love the costume, Brig! And, I'm glad to see that the hat has survived the city for the last 3 years! That's too cool. Good times, good times.

Side of Jeffrey said...

I appreciate your honoring the holiday...and with such an economical costume.