Friday, October 02, 2009

Decision 2009

I just hope I've done enough to bring the Olympics home to Chicago.

11:42 Update: Argh! Would it have killed me to find the time to go to Copenhagen this summer? Am I going to regret this my whole life?

Listen. I actually like the sound of South America getting its first Olympics but Chicago had the ONLY acceptable logo of all the candidate cities. Whoever gets the Olympics it better be contingent on a redesign.

12:54 Update: Brazil was the only acceptable second choice. Had I already said that? But they seriously need another logo. Consider that a new Steady Mobbin' design initiative, right along with Hairy Monsters. (I expect it will be just as successful.)


Side of Jeffrey said...

Everyone was sad today in class. Seriously, America causes one global recession and we get punished. Grow up world.

miss b said...

You should have come to Copenhagen.

But, now you can go to Brasil. Vivo Brasil!