Thursday, October 08, 2009

Return of the Eating II: BLT at the Chat n Chew

Tuesday night went out and grabbed a bite to celebrate Niall and Mitch being in town (Yeah, you read right: Niall and Mitch are in town. From England. Where they live. And Tuesday was their anniversary!) We went to the Chat n Chew, a totally unassuming place.

I felt like taking it easy, just ordered myself a little BLT to end the day with. Didn't really expect any surprises.

Hey BLT, are you cool? Is everything okay?

Guys, this isn't a pastrami sandwich, this isn't a roastbeef sandwich. This is a BLT with probably a pound of bacon on it. All of that stuff, it's all bacon. I only ate half of it. That's how much bacon there was. Man alive. My dinner is always trying to kill me, no matter where I go.

Also: Good job if you noticed my side: not fries but carrots and broccoli. Because I like to be healthy.

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